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Simple Ways to Get your Kids Helping With Chores

Family, Life Tips
Kids helping with Chores

There are many benefits to having some helping hands around the house, but how do you get your children actively involved in something that might seem too tedious and boring?! Read on for a few tips on simple ways to get those kiddos involved in the cleanup time. Make it Fun! This one seems obvious,

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The Zero Waste Home

Community, Family
Zero Waste

Lately, you may have heard a few buzzwords around ‘Minimalism’ and ‘Simplifying’ your life. Sound familiar? These lifestyle choices are a quickly growing movement to a more minimalist approach to everyday life and consumerism, purchasing items that have a special meaning, will stand the test of time or simply choosing not to consume at all

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Money Management Tips for Kids

Activities, Family, Life Tips

Here are a few ideas to help children create a healthy relationship with money from a young age. Honesty & Transparency Starting from just a few years old, children will start to notice and pick up on things like clothing purchases, grocery shopping and even those Amazon prime deliveries. Having an open and honest discussion

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Common Flooring Materials for the Home When Best to Use Them and Where

Interior Design, Project Update
Flooring Materials

Hardwood: Hardwood is made up of what the name suggests – Wood. Hardwood flooring consists of species that range from hard to softwoods. For example, Maple flooring is commonly used in homes but is softer in nature and can scratch easily. Species like Oak are much more durable and less likely to show wear and

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Capturing & Preserving Memories


It’s a common saying; “The days are long, but the years are short”. What better way to capture and preserve those memories than photographs! Any parent with squirmy babies or busy toddlers knows that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Read on for a few simple tips on taking better photos with kids. Get

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