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Crestview Sylvan Lake Vacation Homes Presents…. Our Town

The History

Sylvan Lake’s town history is built upon the beautiful scenery of the great outdoors and the wide Alberta skies. That is why people have left their homes in Calgary and Edmonton for generations to come to Sylvan Lake’s natural beauty and grandeur.

From the days of Ernest Manning to today, people have come to Sylvan Lake for fishing, boating, swimming and other water sports. In Sylvan Lake, our homes and the very geography of the town reflect that passion for the water, as the town crouches close along the shoreline.

As time has moved on though, we have moved to become Alberta’s favorite vacation destination, with Sylvan Lake golf courses, community centers and festivals throughout the year.

A Vibrant Community

Any Red Deer or Sylvan Lake realtor can tell you the history of our small town, but you have to live here to understand the passion that residents feel towards this land.

Feel free to explore our site and learn about the latest addition to Sylvan Lake’s history, Crestview homes.

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